Our Facilities

In our quest to becoming North America’s leader in specialty paper and packaging materials for the food service, grocery and bakery industries, we maintain world-class manufacturing facilities conveniently located in the United States and Canada.

Included in our manufacturing processes are bag making, waxing, laminating, custom and stock printing, as well as many other conventional paper conversion processes.

Our operating goals are to:

  • Always meet and exceed with distinction, customer-specified quality/food safety standards as well as the industry standards of ASI and HAACP.
  • Provide a completely integrated customer information supply chain to ensure accurate, up to-date information on the progress of the manufacture and delivery of their products.
  • Ensure that McNairn Packaging's employees are empowered, prepared, focused and committed to delivering customer satisfaction in all phases of the supply chain.

Ensure that McNairn Packaging is always striving to improve its performance, always seeking the next level in its processes thus providing customer confidence in maintaining positive, mutually beneficial long-term relationships.