Foil Bags

Foil Laminated Bags

This premium, solid laminated bag is moisture and grease resistant which keeps foods hot and fresh longer than other products. Foil laminated bags also have great deadfold characteristics and are grease, moisture and stain resistant. We offer stock printed patterns in various colors for easy identification of different products. Custom printing also available.

6" x .75" x 6.75"
3" x 2" x 9"
3" x 2" x 9"

Quart Foil Bags

McNairn Packaging offers a superior product for protecting hot, ready-to-eat food items. Our solid-laminated, foil-to-paper bags are moisture and grease resistant, have good heat retention and deadfold characteristics. We have a variety of sizes for portion control purposes with custom printing available to enhance your product's presentation.

5.25" x 3.5" x 12"